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Institutional Reviews


IM体育平台 One of QQI’s most important functions is to ensure that the quality assurance procedures of providers are effective. This involves establishing and promoting frameworks for the enhancement of quality assurance. Our key approach is periodic institutional reviews of providers involving teams of independent reviewers working on our behalf.

Please see our Reviews library for information and documentation on each institutional review as it occurs. The review schedule for 2017-2023 is available below.

CINNTE Reviews

Irish higher education institutions have primary responsibility for reviewing and improving their own quality and QQI is responsible for carrying out external reviews on a cyclical basis. The first of QQI’s cyclical review periods, the CINNTE review cycle takes place from 2017-2023.

During this period, QQI will organise and oversee independent reviews of each of the Universities, the Institutes of Technology and RCSI. Each review will be carried out by an international team of independent experts and peers, who will review the education and training provision, to ensure agreed quality standards are being met.

As well as reviewing the quality of education, training and research, the CINNTE reviews will also look at how well each institution’s internal quality assurance procedures are working and identify areas for improvements. As the CINNTE Review process is based on transparency and accountability, the findings from each institutional review will published in a CINNTE Review Report on the QQI website.

The CINNTE cycle of reviews will provide an opportunity for each institution to take stock of the quality of its provision of education, training and research, the fulfilment of its mission and the effectiveness of its ongoing monitoring and review activities, to ensure they are fit for purpose. This gives assurance to learners that their experience is being monitored for good practice, and assurances to the public that the institution is offering a valuable service.

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CINNTE Terms of Reference.pngCINNTE review handbook.pngCINNTE Terms of reference universities and other DABs.pngCINNTE review handbook, universities and other DABs.png

Schedule for CINNTE cycle of reviews

2017 - 2023

?Terms of Reference  Institutes of Technology

?Cyclical Review Handbook - Institutes of Technology

?Terms of Reference  Universities and other Designated Awarding Bodies 

Cyclical Review Handbook - Universities and other Designated Awarding Bodies

Focused Reviews

As set out in QQI’s Policy for Cyclical Review of Higher Education Institutions, QQI may conduct a focused review of a provider’s QA procedures from time to time, as it considers appropriate, or in response to concerns that have come to its attention in relation to the implementation and effectiveness of a provider’s QA procedures (Section 34 (1)(b) of the 2012 Act).

International Reviews

In 2016, QQI were approached by the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (Luxembourg’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research) and requested to conduct a review of Institut Universitaire International Luxembourg (IUIL). This was the first time QQI carried out an institutional review of an overseas institution on behalf of another organisation.  Further information is available here and on the Review section of QSearch.

Review Reports and Related Documents